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frugalindulgent's Journal

Drama, style, verve, and very little cash
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Have a hip pad and a stylish life on a Walmart budget.

Ever wonder why Better Homes and Gardens never does an article on how to make your apartment more livable? Why Woman's Day never seems to have the style of Town and Country? Do you need to know how to toss together a cocktail party as easily as Holly Golightly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

We welcome all sorts here. Housewives, mothers, singletons, young marrieds, betties, kittens, hipsters, disco divas, 80's children, and hip mamas. No matter what your style, as long as it is fabulous(grin), you will fit in here!

Feel free to join and post your tips, links, and ideas.

Remember, being broke doesn't mean we can't be fabulous!