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Little Miss Mary Sunshine

Summer days, drifting away..

Shamelessly copied and pasted from the webpage (registration is free and comes with discounts and coupon codes for tons of places):

It's time to plan fun ways to spend the sunny days! It’s simple and inexpensive to enjoy summer — take part in outdoor sports, relax, or get out and enjoy the weather with your family and friends. Here are five ideas for summer family fun on a budget:

Take me out to the ball game. Baseball games are perfect sporting events to enjoy in the summer. One simple way to enjoy a game without spending a fortune is to take in a farm team (minor league) game. These up-and-coming players can show you a great game, often for less than $10. Visit to find out more.

Enjoy a National Park. Parks offer tons of fun at a low cost, with camping, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, boating, and many other activities. With camping rates usually only about $10-15/night, and entrance fees often just $5-10, whether you go for a day or a week, this is a trip you can really afford.
Be sure to check with individual parks for special educational programs or family days. Visit for a database of recreational opportunities, or visit for details on National Parks across the country.

Make a splash! If you love water, the beach and public pool aren’t the only places to enjoy it this summer. Try cooling off with a rafting, kayaking, or canoeing trip. For as little as $20/day, you can enjoy a ride on a river. Many companies also offer discounts on weekdays.
Or for a fun trip for less money, contact local boating organizations or parks, which often offer free kayaking and canoeing lessons, trips, and use of boats. Visit for information on white-water rafting, or contact local boating organizations for more information.

Immerse yourself in the arts. Find out if there’s an art or music festival in your area this summer. Programs include concerts, plays, films, and much more, often for free or for a small donation, usually less than $5. Check your local paper for arts and cultural events or visit for details on many festivals in your state.

Visit a theme park. While theme park admissions can be expensive, discount admission tickets or season passes are a great way to save. And since theme parks are often within driving distance, you can take a vacation but not have to invest in a hotel stay — just drive home! Visit for information on more than 200 theme parks.
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